Why NOT to DIY Your Company's Graphic Design

Why not to DIY your company's graphic design


Due to the advancements in technology, it’s easier than ever for business owners to DIY their branding and marketing materials. With the use of free apps and programs, they can now create their own fliers, brochures, postcards, business cards and even websites.

So why should you still seek the services of a professional graphic designer?




A successful brand must be consistent, and a professional graphic designer can help you ensure that everything you put out into the world matches your brand. From logos, color palettes, font choices, print materials and social media posts, your look needs to remain the same across all platforms. How will others remember you if your look changes from ad to ad? Having consistency throughout your brand helps your customers remember you even when you’re not in front of them.


To Increase ROI

Design isn’t just a look; it’s an experience. A good design can make you want to reuse a product or business over and over again, while a bad design can make you never return to it. It’s more than just an advertisement—it’s an investment.


To Stand Out

Designers help you stand out by making your brand unique among the competition. Buying that logo for $9.99 might sound like a huge money saver—until you see the same logo with different colors being used by your competitor. Your business is unique, and your brand should be too. Professional designers can ensure you stand out while tailoring your brand to fit your personality.


To Save Time

DIY-ing your marketing materials may seem like a great idea, at first. It’s easy to start thinking you will save time (and money) by doing it yourself, but by the time you learn the program and finish the design, you’ve taken up hours of your time (or your staff’s) when a designer can give you a better result in a quarter of the time it would take you.


To Save Money

Along with saving time, graphic designers know how to save you money—not just in the time it takes to create the design but also when it comes to having the finished product produced. Graphic designers know the most effective ways to design your materials to keep your printing costs to a minimum. They know what printers like and what not to do so that your materials come out looking great every time.


To Stay Relevant

The world is changing rapidly and so are design standards and trends. Designers stay current on trends and know how to keep your brand relevant to keep you from looking stuck in the past.


They Solve Problems

Graphic designers solve problems you don't know you have. They look at your brand like a challenge: how can they help you stand out so your audience chooses you rather than your competitor? Designers help you realize your vision through a fresh perspective and creative thinking.


They're Communication & PR Specialists

Professional designers are communicators—they can anticipate what kind of reaction your customers will have to a design. You may think your design is clever when it’s actually causing negative impressions that can turn into a PR nightmare for you later. Designers are trained to make sure your brand’s design isn’t sending the wrong signals and that key elements, like your logo, aren’t inappropriately placed.


They Make You Look Professional

At the end of the day, having good design that is consistent, visually appealing and flows across all your marketing platforms makes you look professional. Clients would rather trust someone that comes off as a true professional instead of going to the ad they saw featuring a fun and cool font. Designers know how to draw customers in without being intentionally flashy.



The designers at Pleth are well-versed in all of the above, so whether you’re just getting started, looking to revamp or would simply like a professional review of your current marketing materials, give us a call. 

This is what we do, and we love it.

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