Some Brands Just Got Stranger

Stranger Brands

As avid watchers of ad campaigns, we’re naturally avid consumers of pop culture. So when creative campaigns started popping up across the country playing off of the Netflix series Stranger Things, we couldn’t help but sit up and take notice. With Season Three just around the corner, we thought we would highlight some of our favorites.


Not only are the Flavors of the Month for June inspired by Stranger Things, Baskin-Robbins has also partnered with Netflix to create an ice cream truck rendition of the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream parlor from the show. The truck began serving customers on the West Coast in June, and Baskin-Robbins customers coast to coast can purchase special menu items and collectibles.

Find your Stranger Things flavor here.


Coke fans (who don’t mind revealing their ages) might remember New Coke, which debuted in 1985. The formula is making a comeback this summer as the third season of Stranger Things has scenes featuring New Coke while Coca-Cola plans to release the real deal in stores. Not well received in 1985, New Coke is sure to make a bigger splash with newer audiences as it rides on the retro coattails of Stranger Things. To promote the campaign, Coca-Cola also created a nice website design reminiscent of the 80s that we think is pretty cool.

Burger King

What could be stranger than opening up your burger carton to find your Whopper upside down? That’s what Burger King thought, too. Although the Upside Down Whopper is only to be sold in a few locations--the exact number is strategically eleven--photos and videos will likely make the brand a hit on social media for the summer.


Not to be outdone by the food and beverage industry, Nike has a new line of apparel inspired by the retro looks in Stranger Things. Featuring both shoes and clothing, Nike’s nostalgic line will have kids and teens all over the country bringing back the ‘80s.

The Chicago Cubs & Snapchat

Wrigley Field just got stranger. The Chicago Cubs has teamed up with Snapchat to bring the Demogorgon to life. Starting Monday, visitors will be able to see a life-size version of the terrifying creature emerge from the Wrigley Field marquee.


For fans of Stranger Things, Shutterstock has put together a video showcasing the weird and bizarre imagery and assets users can find in its own library. Using only assets from their library, the video recreates the hit show's trailer. As they say in their video, "The only thing you can't find here is justice for Barb." 

Brand partnerships are anything but new to the marketing industry, but the ways in which brands partner and engage audiences is ever-changing--and quite frankly, fascinating to those of us who love advertising. Let us know if you run across any of these campaigns and most definitely give us a shout if you see a new one. They’re sure to be lurking around this summer.