Should your business go Alignable?

Alignable Logo on Gray background

Similar to LinkedIn, Alignable is designed to meet the special networking needs of small business owners, such as increasing access to industry experts and providing opportunities to garner referrals. Members can also view local events and promotions, join discussions and reach out when new businesses sign on.

After going public in 2014, the platform has amassed more than three million members across North America. So, should you join?

A preview of the Alignable interface and networking opportunities.

Here’s the thing—it’s a convenient and free opportunity to build your professional network. Well, it’s free for the basic level. You can increase your membership to a paid level to gain faster access to other businesses. However, the free level will allow you to familiarize yourself with the platform and decide if it’s worth the time to pursue further. 

If you’re interested, we suggest giving it your best shot for a few months. Depending on the nature of your business, you might have more or less success than others when it comes to building your network and gathering leads. But free access to professional advice and referral opportunities fits into any small business budget, so why not take a look and see if it’s for you?

As a small business ourselves, we’re curious if you’ve had any experience with Alignable or are interested in giving it try. Drop us a comment with your thoughts on the subject—and certainly give us a call if we can help you get started with this, or any other, social media platform.