The Reveal of Your New Website

Launching a website is one of the most satisfying part of the custom website design process. However, it is not a quick, easy process. Launching a website at Pleth includes four different, yet complementary steps for the Pleth team.

The first thing we have to do is a quality assurance check. We will have one or two of our team members to go through a checklist that includes things such as spell and grammar check, visual checks for formatting and other more technical tasks. Various technical tasks include testing to make sure things are working and functioning properly in regards to the HTML and other aspects of the backend of the site.

The next thing we will do is execute a Pre-Launch Checklist. This, in addition to items similar to the quality assurance, will make sure the website is launch ready including recording pertinent info and preparing for the actual launch. Once the website is live, we want these items to be taken care of.

The next step is the actual launching of the website. Often, this includes moving the site itself from a staging server to a production server by our server administrator. Once this is completed, then we are ready to point the domain to the place where the site resides on the production server. At this point, we will check to see that all of the links are pointing to the appropriate location and update the site from the staging domain to the live domain.

Once the website is launched, we then execute a Post Launch Checklist. This checklist will include thing such as making sure that Google Analytics is integrated into the site as well as Google Webmaster Tools. This gives us a chance to make sure everything is taken care of behind the scenes for the website.

At this point we will let you know your website is live and announce to our own customers that we have launched a new, awesome, custom website for a great customer!