Refresh Jonesboro: Illustrator for Web Design

We've had a busy week at Pleth: meetings with new and current clients, designing websites, developing mobile applications and training business owners on social media—we haven't stopped moving!

We recently hosted a Refresh Jonesboro meeting at the Pleth office and our creative director, Steven Trotter, led the meeting with a how-to presentation on Adobe Illustrator. The turn out was great with over 10 community members from all over Northeast Arkansas in attendance. Steven taught us how to use the pen tool and some quick shortcuts when creating awesome stuff in Illustrator. He also explored the possibilities of using Illustrator in web design.

Refresh Jonesboro is an open community meeting hosted every two weeks about different topics and tips. We've done everything from web design basics to social media training, to crafty how-to presentations. The meetings are free to the public and anyone is welcome.

Group photo