Pleth’s Packaging Picks

As professionals, and more accurately marketing-crazed creatives, we love to give our two cents when it comes to logos, slogans, websites and all things advertising. The following top ten list discusses our favorites when it comes to the best product packaging of all time.

1. Maker’s Mark

While the men in the Samuels family are credited with the recipe and manufacturing of the best-selling Kentucky bourbon, the family matriarch, Margie Samuels, came up with the name. Mrs. Samuels was a collector of English pewter and was inspired by the makers’ marks placed on the back by the whitesmiths. A marketing genius, Mrs. Samuels also designed the label and bottle and decided the bottles should be hand-dipped in red wax to set them apart. Margie melted a red candle in their family kitchen to dip the first bottle and all bottles since then have followed suit.


2. Tiffany’s

There’s something about that distinctive blue surrounded by a white satin ribbon that will make a gal swoon before she even opens the box. The iconic packaging of Tiffany’s jewelry exposes the recipient to a variety of textures that enhance the experience—smooth satin, suede jewelry pouch and the cool metal of the treasure inside.


3. McDonald’s Happy Meals

There’s nothing like the sight of a Happy Meal box to bring back a flood of childhood memories. McDonald’s began marketing to kids in 1979, so most young adults experience nostalgia upon seeing the iconic golden arch handles of the box. We also remember the anticipation of the new toy inside, which has led to years of success for the fast food chain.


4. Apple

Apple is the master of minimalistic marketing. Let the product speak for itself. The packaging of Apple products is simple, clean, sleek and molded perfectly to the new toys inside. Like most iconic packaging, the receiving and unwrapping is an exciting component of the experience.


5. Chanel No. 5

Two words: classy and timeless. The label and bottle of Chanel No. 5 have remained a constant symbol for luxury and fashion for decades. Like many top brands, the packaging is simple so it doesn’t detract from the quality of the product inside. The look is classic and chic, which are synonymous with the Chanel brand.


6. Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Diners wouldn’t be the same without the obligatory bottle of Heinz Ketchup on the table.  The octagonal-shaped glass bottle dates back to 1890, and the idea for clear glass back to 1869 so consumers could see the purity and quality of the product. Although the packaging has transitioned from a glass bottle to squeezable version, the product is still the most successful ever distributed by the Heinz Company.


7. Campbell’s Soup

With the vintage red and white can and the scripty font, a Campbell’s soup can make one remember snow days at home with tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Or the comfort of chicken noodle soup on a sick day. Just me? Didn’t think so. Like Happy Meals, the vintage packaging of a Campbell’s soup can is nostalgic and timeless. No need to change what works.


8. Pringles

Most chips come in bags, so Pringles took packaging to another level by introducing us to chips in a round tube with a plastic lid that ensures freshness. Of course, who puts the lid back on? Their slogan is as good as their packaging—“once you pop, you can’t stop!”


9. Coca-Cola

Branding is about making your name and imagery memorable, and arguably no brand has accomplished that better than Coca-Cola. The red background with the white ribbon font is no doubt one of the most recognizable logos in the history of advertising. Combine that with an iconic glass bottle and you have the making of powerhouse brand.


10. Toblerone

What could be more appropriate for packaging Swiss milk chocolate shaped like the Alps than a triangular box? The pyramidal shape of the chocolate bar dates back to 1908, the same year in which the distinctive Toblerone logo emerged. The golden packaging and bold red font make the box even more unique and, thus, recognizable.