Pleth Is Thankful For...

thankful emoji pattern

It goes without saying that we are all so thankful to work for a company that allows us to do what we love each and every day. We’re also thankful for our coworkers and our clients — working with a fantastic team to produce polished, smart, creative work for a wide range of businesses and organizations is an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day, and we’re so fortunate that it did for us.

Account Managers

Social Media Advertising & Internet Marketing

Now, these sound like two separate items, but the reasons for loving both are the same — instant results. When Facebook rolled out ads along with Google Ad Words, Pandora, and all the other mediums through which we communicate on the web, marketing got real. Highly targeted audiences combined with instant results allow you to analyze your campaign in real time and adjust your message, design, budget or audience at the click of your mouse.

Plus the option to pay per click ensures you aren’t spending your money to run an ineffective ad. If it’s not working, turn it off and try again. Or vice versa — if the response is good, turn it up! The possibilities are virtually endless with social media and Internet marketing. If you’re not embracing it, you should be.


Damage Control: Cmd + Z, Cmd + Shift + T, and ^ on Skype

How many times do we move an element, retype a sentence or type over something without saving and resist the urge to scream? Fortunately, technology is there for us in this time of need. Command (or Ctrl) and Z will undo, so you can simply “save as” what you’ve typed and then hit the magic buttons until the original text returns. Command + Shift + T is the command for immediately opening a closed Internet tab, and you can hit the up arrow after sending a Skype message to edit or correct. For some reason, those pesky typos only seem to appear once you hit “send”… Never fear, though — it can be fixed.

The Em Dash

When you think in terms of grammar and punctuation all day, you can’t help but develop an affinity for certain marks — hence this writer’s obsession with the em dash. The long dash is simply a pause but a much more dramatic and interesting one than the comma.


White Space

In advertising of any kind, the content and imagery need room to breathe. This is where white space comes in and offers an effortless flow of balance and attractiveness. White space can enhance readability, emphasis on the subject and the overall appeal of the layout. Think of it as the excitement of Black Friday minus the exhaustion, the crowd and the chaos.

Clever Campaigns

What kind of ad agency wouldn’t be thankful for great ad campaigns? Here are a few that make us proud to be in the business.

Lays’ “Do Us a Flavor” Campaign
This year’s choices (esp. Greektown Gyro, West Coast Truffle Fries and Southern Biscuits and Gravy) were fantastic, but the campaign takes something as typical as chips and turns them into a type of interactive medium. And a million dollars if you win doesn’t hurt.

Dove's “Real Beauty” Sketches Campaign
A truly touching video that shows we all should go a little easier on ourselves is a fantastic message to send.

Kmart's “Shipped My Pants” Campaign
It’s a little on the nose with the usage of puns, but face it — it’s funny!