Pleth & Refresh Jonesboro

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting with fellow members of the technology community in Jonesboro, Ark. at a local Refresh Jonesboro meeting intended to generate a conversation about the current health and growth of technology in the area. As a community-focused web development agency, we were honored to participate in the event. Our creative director, Steven Trotter, co-moderated the discussion that was held at the Arkansas State University Small Business & Technology Development Center.

Refresh Jonesboro is a weekly meeting held by members of the Jonesboro Coworking office to better educate the technology community about skills and bridge the gap between several different technology professions represented within the community.

Among the various topics discussed at the latest Refresh Jonesboro meeting were the future of technology education, the technology workforce and common misconceptions of specific types of technology such as social media. We were excited to see students, professors, employers and investors present to discuss what we could do to improve Jonesboro, Ark. as a whole through various platforms.

We recently became a space catalyst for the Jonesboro Coworking office and three of our current employees were found and recruited from the organization. Coworking is a concept that may be new to many businesses in Arkansas that allows freelancers, students and entrepreneurs to work in an open and collaborative environment which encourages members to hone their skills while working on various projects that may lead to future business leads or positions.

From a business prospective, this has allowed us to get to know potential employees to better understand their work habits, their passions and their overall value to our business both in the present and the future. We are excited about the growing talent in Jonesboro and the future of the technology community in Northeast Arkansas!

stephen speaking