Pleth & Drupal: A ? Story

Pleth Loves Drupal

For years, Pleth has been dedicated to a more secure and open-source Internet. As a result, we've begun to focus on Drupal as our website development platform of choice, and it's been a great relationship so far. It does practically everything we need it to. And it's getting kinda' serious...

Randall, our Development Director, and myself are now Acquia certified site builders, so you can trust us to make websites that are performant and work like you need them to. 

After years of hosting and managing websites, we’ve discovered that Drupal most closely aligns with our own design philosophies and has the most direct benefits to our users. The selection of Drupal as our CMS of choice isn’t a decision we take lightly, as it greatly affects the ways we develop and maintain websites. With Drupal we inherit several benefits:

  • Drupal is extremely secure and takes security seriously.
    It has enterprise-level security and provides in-depth security reports. It’s due to that level of security that you’ll find governments, including, using Drupal.
  • Drupal and its community fully embrace the open-source philosophy.
    The communities of other CMSs tend to have a penchant for monetizing the plug-ins that they produce; Drupal’s community is dedicated to keeping quality modules free to the public.
  • Drupal is highly scalable and more extensible.
    Robust user management and permissions systems and a consistent user interface helps enforce consistent presentation across multiple content types for multiple contributors.
  • Drupal is WCAG compliant out of the box.
    As an inclusive community, Drupal’s community is committed to making sure that it’s an accessible tool for building websites that can also be accessed by people with disabilities without additional work.
  • Drupal has a lower total cost of ownership than other CMSs.
    For many of the above reasons, the cost of maintenance (and the drastic reduction in licensing of additional plug-ins) the lifetime cost of a Drupal website is far lower than the cost of other CMSs at scale.

We also like to give back to the Drupal community. We're sponsoring the development of two modules: Background Process and Progress, and we're also a Drupal Association Member.

Drupal Association Organization Member