The Paul Harrell Program

We recently launched a brand-new site for Paul Harrell, the host of one of Arkansas’s fastest growing talk shows, the Paul Harrell Program. His political talk show, which seeks to keep local, state, and national politicians informed about the viewpoints of their constituents, airs in the River Valley (Conway) area as well as Northeast Arkansas and streams live on the Internet.

In order to appeal to the masses, the new site is responsive, meaning it responds (reformats) to fit any screen size of any device—desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, you get the picture.

Of equal importance, though, the site features a live streaming player from Ustream and embedded social media feeds so visitors have access to the show’s most current information via the homepage. There’s also an archive of recorded shows so listeners can catch up if they miss the live broadcast.

However, our favorite part of the site is its bold, clean, modern design and simple navigation. The look and feel of the design embody the latest website trends and highlight what we enjoy doing creatively.

Take a look-see at