New, Interactive Website for Independent Professional Seed Association

Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) represents the unique needs of independent seed companies who produce corn, soybeans, small grain and forage seeds. Based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, the association addresses research and biotechnology issues and increases the media presence of the seed industry.

Since 1989, IPSA has remained dedicated to promoting the interests and capabilities of family-owned seed companies, and today, it represents nearly 100 companies from more than 25 states, Canada and Mexico as well as over 100 associate and affiliate members.

Because its member base is so broad, IPSA understands the need for a user-friendly, informative site that can be both easily navigated and managed. What we delivered has a clean presentation that utilizes close integration with DTN services to keep fresh content regarding current markets, weather, headlines and market news. 

Most importantly, though, the site features an interactive members’ area and an interactive tool to search suppliers. Both of these elements encourage user engagement, which validates the current memberships and entices those interested in joining.

Take a look and let us know if we could help your organization achieve something similar.