The Message Your Website Sends

What is content?

Content is the information, including various types of digital media, on your website that communicates your marketing message.

Why is it important?

Content is so important because it is your message and how you communicate it to your audience. A website without content is a website that is incomplete and thus doesn't accomplish any goals.

Companies often hire marketing consultants to refine their messages, and that affects everything they do, including their websites. As a website design company, we help translate your message to web users.

Who is a professional copywriter?

Not everyone is a writer, and that’s okay. If you do not feel comfortable composing your web content, you simply need the services of a professional. A copywriter is a professional writer skilled in the art of persuasion and can help articulate your message in a structured, clear and concise manner. Pleth offers professional copywriter services should you need such assistance.

Often, companies underestimate the time and expense in putting together their written content, so if you need assistance outlining your information, wording your message, making it more conversational or even ensuring proper grammar, Pleth offers professional copywriter services.

How should content be planned?

Whether you hire someone to help you create your website content or do it yourself, your content is too important to take lightly. Consider the following questions as you plan your web project:

●Do we have a style guide?

●What is our content hierarchy?

●What is our marketing strategy and how does it inform our content?

●Do you need an audit of our current website?

●What is the strategy for our homepage?

●Do we have a content layout strategy?


Types of content for your website

Images – You will need images, either in png or jpeg format.

Graphics – Do you have a digital version of your logo? Graphics should be in a vector format or png.

Copy for Web Pages ­– See above.

Calendar of Events – If you are going to have a calendar, do you have events to add?

Third-Party Application Information – If you are using a third party application and it needs to be implemented on the website, your developer will need the pertinent information.

Sitemap / Information Architecture – Have you developed an information architecture for your content?

About Pages – Your company overview, history, staff bios, etc. are all important in making a strong impression on your potential customers. (resource:

Privacy Policies and/or Terms & Conditions – If you are selling items on your website, you will need to have these available.

Staff & Location Info – Your contact page will need your physical location information, etc. Are you adding your staff to the website? You will need that information as well.

Staff Photos – Do you want pictures of your staff? We recommend a professional photo for best results. Pleth has photographers on staff.

PDF or Other Document Downloads – Are you adding documents on your website that users will need to download? Your developer will need them to upload to your website.

Email Newsletter – In order to have best practices regarding an email newsletter, you will need to invest in a third-party application such as MailChimp. Your developer can then integrate this into your website.

Blog Pages – If you are publishing a blog or various articles, sometimes they will be different than a regular internal page. How will you set that up?

Ready to get started? Pleth will guide you through the process. It's time to create a website that generates leads!