Meet Lindley: Our Newest Team Member

We've been busy, busy, busy and we've got some fantastic news! We have recently added another person to our design crew!

We are very excited to announce that we have recently hired Lindley White, a soon-to-be graduate of Arkansas State University, as a graphic artist in the Jonesboro, Arkansas office. Lindley has been involved with the Jonesboro development community and has worked closely with members of our Jonesboro office on various community projects and events. Lindley's skills and easygoing attitude will bring even more awesome to the blossoming growth we have in Jonesboro.

He loves to spend his time outdoors and he always has a new story to tell from his latest adventure. When he isn't in front of a computer, you will most likely find him hanging off a cliff somewhere or trekking through the woods with friends.

We are very excited about our continued growth across Arkansas and look forward to bringing even more innovation to our clients!

Be sure to congratulate Lindley on his new position at Pleth and of course feel free to connect with the entire team on Twitter and on Facebook.

Lindley headshot