Maintaining Your Custom Website

Once we have launched your website, maintenance becomes priority. Just as when you purchase a new car or house, there is need for general maintenance and upkeep, and the same is true for your new website.

At Pleth, we want to make sure your website is functioning as expected and meets the scope of the project, therefore, we have a 30-day grace period.

The grace period includes monitoring and adjusting functionality and design within the scope of the project to which you agreed. If some aspect of your website is not what you had requested, we will make it right within 30 days following the launch.

The second thing you should know is that with your website and your hosting fees, we will keep your website software up to date. Various programming languages and software related to your website will routinely be updated by the developers for improved functionality, features and security. Those updates are made as a part of your hosting package.

Another feature of our support includes regular back up of your website, database and files. In most cases, we can restore everything within minutes if something unexpected happens to your website.

In addition, updates are just an email or call away. Do you need content added or a new feature? Simply let us know and we will make the changes. Each update is subject to our hourly rate and will be billed after changes are made in the next billing cycle.

After some time, if you want to freshen or completely change your design, we can do that too. Do you want to add an email newsletter? Do you need digital marketing services? Pleth has the ability to do those as well.

So, not only do we offer ongoing support for the website's software updates, we can handle hourly rate services as well to improve your digital experience.

Simply let us know to get started!  Visit us at