Made by Few Recap

The biggest takeaway for me was the wisdom that James Mathias gave in his presentation. He shared some of his lessons from the industry and the milestones that brought him to where he is now in his career. What struck me about the entire event was the humility and willingness to share that these speakers and attendees displayed throughout the day. Kristian Andersen wrapped it up best in his presentation, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

Some takeaways from some of my team mates:

"We have a great group of passionate and enthusiatic people in our community. If I learned anything from this weekend it was that we are going to build something we can be proud of here in Arkansas." - Craig McCoy, Lead Developer

"Made by Few was a very inspiring experience! We walked away with so much knowledge we're brining back to our employers, peers and communities. I hope this is just one of many events Arkansas can look forward to in the future." - Steven Trotter, Creative Director

The event concluded with an awesome after party sponsored by MailChimp with live music and free stuff! The night was a great way to conclude a great day of mind blowing awesomeness for our ever growing Arkansas tech community.

You can see a recap of the weekend long event in our photos below!

Thanks again to Arlton Lowry for his amazing passion for people, tech and Arkansas. You inspire us.