Game of Thrones: Our Predictions

Game of Thrones: Our Predictions

After two long years, it's finally here: Game of Thrones Season 8. A few of us at Pleth are excited to see what happens in the final season and wanted to share our predictions for who lives, dies and who will take the Iron Throne. 

Kristina: I think Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are going to come out on top, at least I hope anyway. If I have to pick an ultimate, I want Mother of the Dragons, but not real sure that will be the case. If Daenerys dies, I wonder if it will be her white walker dragon that kills her. I think Jaime Lannister is going to have a visit from karma soon!

I'm very curious about the rest of Arya Stark's journey, as I think she will be a main contributor as well.


Jon - Alive, king
Sansa - Dead
Daenerys - Dead
Arya - Dead
Cersei - Dead
Jaime - Dead
Tyrion - Dead
Theon - Alive
Brienne - Alive
Missandei - Alive
Bran - Alive

Tyler: Jaime Lannister will be declared “The Prince that was Promised” and Melisandre will replace his missing hand. Cersei will die due to complications in childbirth, fulfilling the witch’s curse that was put on her when she was a child. Her child will be a shadow monster in the likeness of Jaime like the one that Melisandre gave birth to. Daenarys and the dragons are captured and turned into white walkers/wights, and she will become the Night Queen. Sam will find a way to kill the Night King once and for all, but it will be far too late. Westeros will win the war against the Night King, but the casualties will be so high that there won’t be many people left to rule, so it won’t matter who is left to sit on the Iron Throne (likely Jon Snow, who won’t want to be king in the first place).

Janie: My thoughts are that Jaime, after seeing how crazy his sister has become, will stab Searcy in the back like he did with the mad king. Sansa will try to overthrow Jon and take control of the north so Arya will kill her for betraying them yet again. I think Daenerys and Jon will end up ruling the iron throne together as equals but I could also see Daenerys ruling alone while Jon becomes Warden in the North. It would also be a huge twist if they both die and Gendry becomes king instead, but I don't think that will happen in the end.

Victoria: Game of Thrones????

(She won't be here long.)

Will: Personally, I think that Daenerys will fall to fate and end up working in the footsteps of her father. It is my prediction that Jon Snow will search for evidence to support his birthright, Daenerys will end up trying to stop him from ascending, and a war will break loose between the two - further dividing the houses and stopping any union that might have been. I think the feud will draw out the worst in Daenerys and cause her to become just as mad and unstable as her father. I also believe that due to the dangerous path Daenerys will travel down, she will die at the hands of the Night King and the white walkers. Her dragons will die, but will be reborn as the other was, and the war will rage on without any chance of mortal forces prevailing.