Fun Resources For Creatives Stuck At Home

Person holding paint brush and pencil covered in paint

With many of us now working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s always a good idea to take a break and refresh those creative juices. We’ve put together a list of some creative resources to check out when you feel your ideas are starting to fade or you just need something fun to pass the time and keep you from having cabin fever. 

1. Design Exercises Weekly:

Whether you’re looking to learn graphic design or are a designer looking to hone new skills during downtime, the Graphic Design School’s weekly challenges are a great way to keep you busy in a fun way.

2. How Low Can Your Logo:

If you need a laugh or some inspiration on what NOT to do when creating a logo, check out the How Low Can Your Logo contest. While the actual contest entry period ended on April 21st, you can still browse through all the entries to pass the time.

3. Adobe Live

Follow Adobe Live on Behance or sign up to subscribe and receive updates when they go live. There’s usually a new challenge every week using various Adobe programs. It’s a great way to see the process other creatives use along with learning new features in the Adobe suite. You can also explore any of the previous challenges they’ve posted.

4. 10 Fun & Creative Photo Ideas From FStoppers:

FStoppers put together this quick video to show some easy photography tricks using items you may have laying around the house to enhance your photos with some extra creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with anything you have laying around the house!

5. Recreate Museum Artworks At Home:

This museum challenge from Getty Museum in Los Angeles has taken off across the country as people are sharing their take on famous artwork. The Arkansas State University Department of Art and Design has decided to put their own take on the challenge by posting similar challenges every week for anyone to participate in (not just faculty and staff). Each challenge is posted on Friday and asks for participants to recreate artwork from a different artist chosen each week by faculty. However, the latest challenge, posted from ASTATE chancellor Kelly Damphousse, gave participants the freedom to recreate a piece from their favorite artist. To join in on the fun or view other's entries, follow @astateartdesign or search for #astatearthistorychallenge on Instagram. 

6. Randomly Generated Creative Challenges:

Whether you’re stuck in a rut or just needing something to keep your mind off the latest coronavirus news, these randomly generated creative (NSFW) challenges can help take the edge off. Just click the ‘generate’ button to get your personal challenge.

7. One Minute Briefs: 

Follow @Oneminutebriefs on Twitter and participate in the challenges they submit. There’s only one rule: one minute, one idea. Who knows, you could even win a prize if your work is one of the top submissions! Even if you don’t participate in a challenge, it’s still fun (and inspirational) to see submissions from creatives across the world.

8. What Font Type Are You: 

This is a fun instagram filter that will analyze your selfie and tell you what your inner font type is. Feel free to rage or quit if you end up getting comic sans. Click here to find out how to find the filter and get your result. 

Hopefully, the world won’t be in quarantine too much longer, but until then, at least we have these creative resources to help us keep our creativity (and sanity) intact. If you take part of any of the above, we’d love to see the end result - send us a message through our website or one of our social media channels!