Design and Development Phase

Once your project has been scoped and the content hierarchy has been established, the fun part begins—making it visual. At Pleth, our sites are custom designed and developed, meaning we design your website from scratch and one of our developers makes it a reality using the latest technology.

Custom Design

In preparation for designing your site, one of our graphic artists will start by asking various questions about your company, your current site and the style you’re looking to achieve. From these questions, he or she takes notes and creates a website mockup that strongly reflects your business, including existing logos, signage and branding.

Such a design will combine the latest trends with colors, imagery and typography that correspond with the branding of your company. All aspects—from the header, the navigation and the main content area to the sidebars, footers and the front page—are considered in the design process. We also take into consideration the responsive design, so your site will automatically adjust and look great on any screen size.

Custom Development

Following your approval, our development team implements your custom design, adding various functionality that gives your website an extra boost in creativity.

To start, your website will be built on a Content Management System (CMS). This does three things:

1.It allows you to update your website, such as changing a word or adding an article, without contacting your developer.

2.It keeps the design separate from the content, which allows the website to load faster, benefiting your search engine placement.

3.Finally, a CMS gives you tremendous flexibility. Do you want to give other members of your team permission to make updates? You can create an account for them to do so. Do you need to update your website from home or another location? That’s easy to do. All you have to do is log into your CMS dashboard and make your changes—from anywhere—as long as you have a computer and Internet.

We primarily use two Content Management Systems: WordPress and Drupal. These two are among the most robust available. When setting up your CMS, we custom build a theme for your website that looks like your mockup and then add the unique functionality that powers your site. We put all of it on top of our robust servers that are lightning fast and secure.

The result is a premium, custom designed and developed website that is fast, efficient, mobile friendly and as unique as you are.

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