Creative DIY Notebook Nibblers

It's common for many people to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the work day. Many times we even forget to take a break to clear our thoughts and exercise our creativity.

At Pleth we decided to make a fun, easy way to take a break from your day and also have something to show for it! So what are we making today?! NOTEBOOK NIBBLERS! (nom, nom, nom!)

What are Notebook Nibblers?

These little critters make a great companion for your favorite books, Moleskine, or any notebook laying around on your desk! Used like a bookmark, you can easily flip through notes or save a spot to refer back to in the future. Just slide over the corner of the pages you want to hold onto, and your notebook nibbler will quietly nibble your book in anticipation of your return!

You can make your very own nibbler - feel free to download our fun worksheet or use our template to make your own. Just click the boy or girl nibbler (whichever you prefer) to download:

Notebook Nibblers - Girl

Notebook Nibblers - Boy

Enjoy your break, and if you have a chance to make your own nibbler be sure to send us a photo on Facebook or on Twitter! We'd love to see the creative ways you are using them!