1,000 Likes and Counting

This week marked a social media milestone for Pleth as we surpassed 1,000 “likes” on Facebook. Thanks so much to all of our friends and clients (who are also our friends) for pushing us over the edge!

You might think that being the techy, geeky types we’re not as social as most…and you might be right in a lot of cases. But when it comes to our passion and what we love to do each day, we’re ready to sing from the rooftops.

However, we do often forget to post on our own page because we’re so busy with our clients’ work—a great problem to have. Nevertheless, it’s so great to see the support of and interest in Pleth.

Depending on your business, social media can serve a variety of purposes—our main goal is to showcase our culture, share ideas and support our communities. Just let us know if we can help you do the same!