Zips Car Wash

Zips Car Wash is an express tunnel wash, located in 17 states with 179 customer service centers. Founded on service and leadership, their goal is to provide the best customer service and quality wash in the industry. Using technological advancements, Zips provides a safe and gentle wash towards vehicles and the environment. At each location all chemicals used are eco-friendly, plus their recycling system saves energy and water with every wash.

Zips Car Wash wanted a re-design of their current website that captured their audience's attention while also offering helpful information about their products and services. With multiple stores nationwide, they needed a site that was able to offer location-specific services to their customers. The site is able to detect your location which then updates the site throughout based on that information so that you are always up-to-date for the services in your area. 

The Zips Car Wash home page along with an interior page design

On the home page, we designed a special section highlighting the products they offer in their washes. By clicking on the "View all products" button, a sample of all products appear above the car. Hover over the animated dots or click on the products name to learn more about each one.

Another feature we created was the ability to show a location based image behind the car based on the user's location. This image changes between four images depending on which region of the US the user is located. 

A preview of products on the homepage

In addition to the location image feature we also created the capability to show the visitor's weather based on their location. To do this, we made the logo flip over to reveal the user's current weather. Before returning to the logo, it flips a second time to reveal an offer to get an exclusive access card. 

zips logo with weather feature