Stratton Seed Company

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For more than 70 years Stratton Seed Company has been providing the finest service and input products to agricultural suppliers and producers across the southern states. Today, their service area includes Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas.










Stratton Seed Company came to Pleth in 2019 looking to unify and grow their branding. In order to achieve this, we aided in their marketing efforts across all channels. We started with creating a consistent brand by updating their current logo with a higher quality version that incorporated new Pantone colors along with creating a brand standards guide that includes guidelines for all of their product lines such as GoSoy, GoWheat and GoWild. 

Updated Stratton Seed Company logo
Brand Guidelines
A collection of pages from the brand guidelines.

Stratton already had established brands for their soybean and wheat divisions, GoSoy and GoWheat. Their newest division for wildlife was simply called their Specialty Division. To create consistent branding, Pleth decided to change the name to GoWild and created a new logo that matched their other identities. The name went on to receive trademark status for future protection in use.

This logo received a bronze Addy award in the 2020 American Advertising Awards competition.

GoWild Logo

As Stratton Seed continues to grow their wildlife division, they are regularly coming up with new products. We had the opportunity to create two logos for new attractants they released, Big Buck Down and GoWild Crush.

GoWild Crush and Big Buck Down logos


After establishing their branding guidelines and updating the wildlife division, we took on the task of managing Stratton's social media presence. Through brainstorming, planning and content creation, we helped grow their social media following and continue to help them post on a regular basis. We average 3-4 original posts a week. 

A collection of social media posts
Social media advertisement featuring Stratton's three soybean brands

In addition to social media, we also helped Stratton Seed begin email marketing with various campaigns for their wildlife and soybean products. 

Selection of email campaigns

Website Design & Development

As we developed branding for Stratton Seed, we had the opportunity to make some major design and user experience changes to their website. We started by updating the site colors to match their brand and then moved on to overhauling and re-developing some key features for the site including their DTN capabilities and seed tables. We also developed and added new features to the site such as a subscribe section that links all submissions to their mailchimp account. Other items we completely re-designed include the products section, territory map, history page, and more. By the time we were done, although the layout mostly stayed the same, the site looked and felt completely different while offering users a better experience while moving throughout the site. 

While we continue to manage Stratton Seed's brand, we are always looking for new opportunities to improve the site. One new feature we currently have in development is an online store to make their products more accessible to their customers. We also recently launched a new dealer map page (2021) that allows users an easier way of finding Stratton's products. 

Collection of Stratton Seed website pages and features
Home and internal pages on the website
Close up of seed finder and DTN module

One addition we made to the site, was to combine their DTN page that was previously hosted on another domain with their current site. To do this, we designed and developed a new DTN feature that was added to the navigation. The DTN section collapses and expands to easily see weather and market details.

We also re-designed the look of the seed finder on the homepage, updated the seed finder content and improved its overall user experience.

Re-designed territory map

We completely re-designed their territory and sales rep. map and also developed the ability to hover over a state so that it highlights which representatives go with each one. This allows for easy access to finding who your sales rep is and, by clicking on a state, the ability to find their contact information. 


While most of our marketing efforts have been focused on digital, we have also had the opportunity to create new branded print pieces for Stratton's wildlife and soybean market. Some pieces we have done include updated designs for their soybean and wildlife brochures, magazine ads, a duck hunting pocket time card, packaging designs and flyers. 

2019-20 Soybean Product Brochure
2020-21 Wildlife Product Brochure
Duck Hunting Time Card Pocket Tri-Fold
Selection of magazine ads for wildlife products
Roasted Rack Attract packaging design