Innovator Health

New technology, Electronic Health Records (EHR), new regulations, shifting patient expectations, and options like retail health care are forcing hospitals and practices to adapt or fail. Today, patients are informed consumers. If you can’t provide them competitive services for their healthcare, they will find a provider that can. Telehealth, telemedicine and virtual healthcare can help. 

Led by a physician CEO who recognizes that health care is about relationships, not technology, Innovator Health is focused on supporting the more than 1,800 rural hospitals across the United States by providing a technology platform so engaging that their local patient populations will choose to access their care locally, rather than commuting to urban communities for medical services.

Innovator Health homepage

Innovator Health contacted Pleth for assistance with updating their current website to bring it up to today’s standards while helping to make their products really stand-out. They wanted a website that was easy to use and that would set them apart in their industry, yet still retain some of their established inbound marketing plans.

Full views of the homepage and an interior page

To achieve this, we were able to customize their current Hubspot website with a complete overhaul of the current content, photography and design. We developed custom modules on the homepage to allow a full-screen video to play when a visitor first comes to the site along with a custom-designed slider underneath to showcase their products.

Custom designed slider module
A collection of product photography we took for the site

During the project, we also assisted with designing graphics and shooting new photography of their products. The unveiling of their newest product, the Rounder 2 Mobile (R2M), provided us with the added opportunity to provide additional photography and print design to showcase this product at a trade show. The turnaround time for the marketing materials needed was extremely short, but we were able to provide designed and printed materials by the deadline for an upcoming trade show.

Photography of the Rounder 2 Mobile being utilized inside the Delta Care-a-Van
Flyer about the Rounder 2 Mobile for a tradeshow