The Insider's Guide to Pleth Support

We know our customers have ongoing needs with their websites and the other services that we offer at Pleth. That is why we have multiple ways to receive those requests.

There are different types of service requests. First, there is the support request which is when something is wrong with your website that wasn't before. This falls under the normal Pleth hosting agreement that we keep the various pieces of software and hardware up to date to keep your website running smoothly. For instance, your website software will need to be updated regularly. Updates are important as they help patch vulnerabilities and take advantage of new technology. Pleth takes care of this if you are on our hosting plan.

If something goes wrong with your website, or needs to be updated, this would be a support update. In light of this, you can send us an email to and it immediately creates a ticket in our system. During business hours, the ticket is then updated by our dispatcher who assigns one of our developers to look at the issue. Additionally, we always try to respond quickly so that you know we are looking at the ticket.

If you have a content addition you need added or a new piece of functionality, this is called an update as we update your existing site rather than fixing the site. If you have an update you can email us at The same thing applies to updates as it does to support. A ticket is created and we assign the ticket and dispatch a developer or an account manager to take a look.

These may be the quickest ways, however, there are still a couple of other ways you can submit a request for support or an update. On our Contact page at, we have a form which has various different things you can request. Email support and website support are options you can choose. Simply navigate to and fill out the form.

Finally, there is the old fashion way, give us a call. Our toll free number is 888-276-0848. One of our team members will get the request in for you and we can get started.

So, there you have it. You can email us via or, submit a contact form on our website or give us a call.

If you have a need, let us know and we will get started!

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